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Bachata Dance Lessons

Wondering Where To Start Or Want To Take It Slow?

Our Intro classes are the perfect place! No commitment, no contract, no pressure. You get two classes to learn a few things, meet some people and see how we teach. If you like it then you can decide if you want to sign up for one of our 12 week programs. SUPER EASY!

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"Allow Yourself To Be A Beginner. No One Starts Off Being Perfect!"

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Bachata Dancing - Virginia Beach, VA

Level 1 - Intro Bachata

Ideal for true beginners. Walk in with two left feet. Walk out dancing on beat! 

Two Classes for $27 - CLICK HERE!
Bachata Dancing - Hampton Roads, VA

Level 2 - Intro Bachata

If you have some experience already or want to level up then check this out!

Two Classes for $27 - CLICK HERE!
Couple dancing Salsa, Virginia Beach

Salsa - Intro

Perfect for those just starting off or even if you want a refresher. We can help you get started dancing Salsa!

Two Classes for $27 - CLICK HERE!

Still In Doubt?

We understand! Chat, email or call us to get any questions answered. You won't regret taking your first steps to learning how to dance with style and confidence! We are here for YOU!

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