Hello, it's Helena & Alvin.


This section is supposed to be "About Us" but truthfully, we feel it is not about us, but really about YOU! We could tell you about our history, experience, accomplishments etc, and we are willing to share that with you but what you probably want to know is... can we help you! The answer is YES!

"Who Dares to Teach, Must Never Cease to Learn"

- John Cotton Dana

 We take that quote very seriously! That's why we strive to always be a student ourselves and grow so we can continually help others. We use our over 20 years combined dance experience, fitness and dancer certifications along with all we have been taught and continue to learn to develop dance and fitness courses that are sure to help you! 

It is our sincere hope if anyone wants to learn to dance or improve that they can call this home!

- Alvin & Helena

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