Learn or Grow in Bachata.. Accelerated!

Ready to jump start learning to dance Bachata? Tired of being stuck at a certain level? This is a 12 week private program guaranteed to get you where you want to go in your Bachata journey, FAST! Only 8 spots available!

I'm Ready!

What is this program all about?

It is for a complete beginner, seasoned dancer or anywhere in between! This is the first of it's kind in the area where you get a private lesson but inside a group. You get one on one attention like a private while not paying full private lesson prices. For example, our normal private prices for both of us is $90 an hour. In this group you only pay a third of that at $30 an hour!

What makes it different from a group class then? Our normal 12 week course on Friday nights for Level 1 is syllabus conducted. Meaning everyone learns the same thing at the same time each week in the group. There is little deviation to the syllabus set to teach you how to dance. This is a great way to learn at a reasonable pace but what if you want to learn faster? What if you already know how to dance but feel stuck doing the same moves each time? What if you want to learn something in particular? That's what the accel program allows you to do!

We can critique you and point out areas to improve and/or you can decide what things you want to work on. You set the destination and we take you there!

Our Level 1 class is an hour each week. In this accel program class is every Saturday 4pm to 5:45pm with another 45min practice/social! Then every Wednesday at 8pm we will do a Zoom meeting for 30 minutes to answer any questions and/or watch you dance to help you grow each week. It also helps keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals in the 12 weeks!

In our regular class you mostly dance with our students and periodically with us as your instructors. In this program you dance with us! That way we can give you immediate feedback to reduce the learning curve.



Level 1 Course             

Large class                             

Syllabus taught            

1 hour per week               

Dance with students 



Only 8 in class

You choose options

3 hours per week

Dance with Us

Social practice 

BONUS: Fitness 4 Dancers Essentials Package (Fantastic for Recovery & more)


All classes are held on Saturdays 4:00pm to 6:30pm at Elevate Performing Arts Center in Virginia Beach.

What do you want to learn? Basics quickly? Footwork? What to do with your arms? How to look smooth with body movement? Dips? Different moves to do? Lead and follow? How to discover your own style? The possibilities are endless!

Okay, so now that you see how it's different and you get so much more and jump start your growth or get unstuck, what is this going to cost you? If you were to take the amount of hours for these 12 weeks with our normal prices it would set you back a total of $2,160! 

But we are offering this deal at 66% off! Only $720 or you can make 3 monthly payments of $240! On top of that you will receive a BONUS gift: Our Fitness 4 Dancers Essentials Package for FREE!


Next Level!

We can help you do it! Just starting or wanting to breakthrough that wall? We got you! Give us 1 percent of your trust and we will earn the other 99! We are so excited about this special program, put in the work and you are sure to accel and excel!

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