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Tips How to Dance Bachata - Turns 1

How To Do Turns In Bachata - Tip #1

Feb 23, 2021

Hi there! Let's get right to it!

The first thing to know about turns in Bachata is that in the Dominican Republic, the home of Bachata, there are very few turns when dancing. How did turns start and why do them? 

As with everything, there is evolution and fusion. Many dancers outside of the DR, especially those dancing Salsa, started incorporating turns into the dance. Some may argue it makes it more interesting while others prefer to enjoy the simplicity of the connection, body movement and shapes without doing turns. 

Depending where you live or travel to dance no doubt you will come across those who like to lead or follow turns when dancing Bachata. So how can you make sure you are prepared for different turns? 

We will give you several small tips that will make a big difference in your turns and will help you enjoy this aspect of Bachata even more. If you area beginner Bachata dancer just learning how to dance, make sure to practice at home. When taking classes whether it is at a nearby dance studio or online make it a goal to apply these tips. That will make it easier for you when you go out Latin dancing at a social or nightclub near you. 

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next one in this series!

- Alvin & Helena


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