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How to Dance Bachata - Turns 2

How To Do Turns In Bachata - Tip #2

bachata Mar 23, 2021

Hi again! We hope you enjoyed our first tip in dancing Bachata turns, Turning On A Straight Line! Just click the title to go back to it if you haven't read it already. Now on to tip #2... Small Steps!

We both use to dance with such wide and big steps and it took us a while to learn to make them smaller. We outline reasons for you but let's just say other dancers around you will thank you! 

Small steps allows you to be in full control, keeps you safer and gives you the freedom of movement needed to utilize your hips when Latin dancing. 

Learning to dance Bachata (and even Salsa) can be challenging at first but always remember the beauty is in the details of the dance. Learning how to do turns dancing Bachata and improving in them will make your dances so much more enjoyable. Check out the video below for the details, demonstrations and get Ready for Part 3!

- Alvin & Helena

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TIP #3


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