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How to Dance Bachata - Turns 3

How To Do Turns In Bachata - Tip #3

bachata Mar 30, 2021


You made it! You know about Turning On A Straight Line. You understand the how and why to Keep Your Steps Small. Now for the last main tip... Use Your Head! 

No we are not say you are not smart or lack intelligence but literally you need to use your head properly when doing turns in Bachata. It goes without saying that having "spatial awareness" is super important when dancing, especially for those leading the dance. 

But no matter if your are leading or following, using your head will not only keep you safe it will make you look and feel better on the dance floor. Your body will feel relaxed and you will get that smooth, in control look on the floor even if you don't quite feel that way. Master it (along with weight shift) and you will discover it is a game changer in your dancing. 

Check out our final video on these tips below and remember to review the others. Practice each tip separately then combine them all together and you will be at next level for turns when dancing Bachata!

TIP #1

TIP #2 


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